The Challenges of Beating Cancer

Cancer is the #2 cause of death in the world. It’s responsible for 10 Million deaths per year. That is 1 person dying from cancer every 3 seconds.

It’s no wonder that cancer touches us all. Each of us has a loved one, a friend, someone close to us, who has been diagnosed with or died from cancer.

The Key to Curing Cancer is Catching It Early

Finding and treating cancer when tumors are small is key to successful treatment and long term survival rates for patients.

The problem with early cancer detection is that small tumors are very hard to see with current technology. The result is that most cancer detection today happens after it’s too late and the cancer has already spread.

At Ziteo, we strive to solve this problem. With our technology we aim to detect tumors several times smaller than currently possible.

Cancer Detection and Treatment for All

Ziteo’s groundbreaking technology has the potential to detect and treat cancer at a fraction of the cost and in much less time than the current standards.

We are creating the disruption that can save millions of lives every year.

Our goal is to bring the number of lives lost to cancer down from 10 million per year to 9 million, then 8, 7, etc. within a few short years.

We aim to give cancer patients not just a few extra months or years, but the rest of their normal lifespan. What is that worth to one person? One family? What is that worth, times millions?